Deimos-One Establishes Research Subsidiary Starlab

Starlab will serve the U.S. government and commercial customers with responsive and reliable data analysis, warfighting intelligence, and space systems support.

Within seconds, Animus can evaluate millions of variables against multiple goals, options, and outcomes, identifying the optimal path to success.”— Jamin Thompson

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – Deimos-One, a leading aerospace and defense technology company, has today announced it has established a new wholly-owned subsidiary, Starlab, to support the expansion of Deimos-One’s stratospheric space capabilities and serve commercial customers. Starlab will support launch services and space systems capabilities to the U.S. government and its allies.

The company plans to offer a comprehensive suite of domains — including but not limited to remote sensing analysis, artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, business and warfighting intelligence, and economics — to serve commercial customers and research institutions.

Central to Deimos-One’s vision is The Animus, a proprietary, AI-driven Intelligent Decisioning System that promises to reshape the landscape of strategic planning and problem-solving. Built on the principles of evolutionary computation, Animus is designed to rapidly analyze difficult problems, create complex models, and recommend the optimal pathways to resolve them, solving hundreds of thousands of computations in nanoseconds.

“Data science has fallen short in recent times when it comes to providing executives with something of value to reduce costs, grow revenue, improve efficiency, and scale,” said Jamin Thompson, Deimos-One’s Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “So, Deimos-One isn’t just building data models; we’re not just analyzing data; we’re modeling a new paradigm for decision-making itself. Animus leverages the most state-of-the-art technologies of our time — it can make calculations at warp speed — showing us paths that were previously unthinkable; it represents a real evolutionary leap in decision making. This allows us to make decisions faster, even in times of great uncertainty. Now, your most complex decisions are not just data-driven, they’re destiny-driven.”

Since the Company’s first launch of the HALO space vehicle in 2020, Deimos-One has conducted multiple successful launches, including research missions for national security customers and private companies. Under the new Starlab subsidiary, Deimos-One will build on this proven track record to deliver new space and data science capabilities for national security and commercial applications. The diversification into the data intelligence sector marks a strategic expansion for Deimos-One, broadening its scope and impact across industries.

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